New version MP 1.3.57 it is very slow

Hello, I have updated to the new version MP 1.3.57
it is very slow

I have Windows 10 64bit
AMD FX Series FX-4350 4.20Ghz 4X
VGA geforce gtx 750

I hope that it helps you
regards thank you

what part is slow?

how much cpu is it using?

and what things do you have turned on?

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Hello Michael Oborne
He answers me nothing more and less than the creator, my unconditional admiration.

what part is slow?
It is at the beginning when it goes slow
Once it has started it works b

how much cpu is it using?

Everyone resource CPU, hard drive does not read anything

and what things have you turned on?

Only internet browser and the MP

(I’m a microcomputer systems technician)

Thank you for the quick attention

I hope I’ve helped

regards and I am at your disposal

my version not connected to anything does this

so im still not sure what it could even be

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Hello again

I pass a capture of the resources of my system

As you can see it takes a lot of CPU resources

It takes to start 1:40 minutes, once started, it goes well

If you make any changes I can test it on my computer

It is fantastic to share a hobby (passion)


Hi Nomar,
Today I updated to version 1.3.57, from Mission Planner and I had the same problem, so I decided to make a new installation by downloading the .msi file from the link planner.html # common-install-mission-planner, and the boot is fast at least on my pc, but I could notice some things that are missing.

1.- SmartRTL does not appear in the list of flight modes.
and other problems that are seen in the following video:

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Thank you winston saz, the link is broken, it is the first option that I thought

Is there another link for MP 1.3.57 to install clean?


I made a link, I think it can be useful.

Please let me know if it works.

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Thanks again, It is fixed
I downloaded version 1.3.57

What is 1.3.57

I have uninstalled it, and I have removed the directory for example:
C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Mission Planner
to leave nothing

I installed it again, and it works much faster

I put it in case it happens to someone

Note: I have also uninstalled the 3D Robotics driver packages.

Regards and thanks.

The same problem, very very slow to open it’s the first time that happen in this last 5 years
SSD 850 500 GB
GTX 1060

Load the beta version and it will fix the SmartRTL. The parameters are are not shwoing in the Extended Tuning page because those parameter names have changed for those functions and MP hasn’t caught up yet.

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With the new Version 1.3.57 Mission Planner I experienced the following:

The GUI screen comes up the same as it did for Version 56, however; when I connect to a flight controller (Pixracer with Arduplane 3.8.5) the entire GUI image suddenly gets smaller and some characters are no longer visible on some pages like the Basic Configuration page. Almost like something changes with the screen resolution settings.

For Mission Planner I am using my trusty Dell Laptop with Windows 10 Home Edition.

I went back to Version 1.3.56. Can anyone tell me what I need to change to accommodate 1.3.57’s new resolution?



I need a log from of one of the pc’s with this issue
"C:\ProgramData\Mission Planner\MissionPlanner.log"

as I have no clue what could be causing this at the moment

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I upgraded my two Windows 10 - 64 bit computers yesterday to MP 1.3.57 and checked with 2 aircraft with FC - Pixhawk1 and Pixhawk 2.1. I cannot find any problem. Both Mission-planer are loading very quickly.

Thanks, I did exactly what you suggested and things have gone back to the way they were before.

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Just uninstalled and re-installed 1.3.57 again (with PC restarts after each step) and I cannot reproduce the screen resolution problem on connect that I had earlier.



Hello again

It’s a good thing that the directory does not erase it,
the renown

Michael_Oborne MissionPlanner.log (407.6 KB)
happy to help you, I pass my log when I was wrong


I experienced the 1.3.57 Mission Planner screen spontaneously re-sizing during a flight again; I’ve attached the log.

MissionPlanner-log-flyingw.txt (500.0 KB)

The Version .ZIP is on my PC, Win7, 64Bit, 3.4 GHz faster than bevor.

But perhaps your old-fashioned VGA Graphic Card may be the reason.

I have uninstalled and installed again and now all work normally.

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