New to VTOL and looking for advice

Hello, I am very keen to test out the VTOL with a Herelink… I have flown RC planes and DJI drones for years, but my experience with these stuff is 0…

Could you please advice where to start? I would like to test out the Hex Cube Orange as that may fit in with an business ambition I have further down the line. Where looking at the MFE Fighter, but realize that this is a fairly costly plane to start with…

(Living in Norway… so European venues is best as shipments from China seems slow these days.)

If you want to learn with something not too expensive, try with a mini talon vtol transformed, you are going to find much info how to build in this forum, like Mozzie proyect too.

Thanks, will be looking into that. There was a lot of info there.

You might want to consider the Finwing Hobby VTBird for a cost effective starter project.

Good luck.

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@rollys - nice! This is close to what I am looking for. -Have you bought anything from these guys?

Yes, I got the 4+1. Hopefully, I’ll get the motivation to start the build as I have all the components ordered and on hand. They started a thread but has been awhile since it’s been updated but you’ll see the evolution of the design. FB Forum here.

Good luck.

@Rollys, thanks for the links. I am browsing the model now… looks good. Is the built quality ok?

As I understand its GRP wings and EPO body?

I believe it’s all EPO.

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