New to SITL -- How to view/plot logs?

New to SITL. I followed the tutorials on the ArduPilot documentation and also some other external tutorials.

I have simulated a simple mission with ArduPlane and I would like to view the vehicle states. I see that there is a directory “logs” which has .bin files, but I’m not sure how to view the binary files. From external tutorials, it seems like the logs should’ve been saved as .tlog, but it didn’t for mine.

FWIW, I close simulations using ctrl+C in my ubuntu (18.04) terminal.

You can open and view them with the DataFlash Logs view tab in Mission Planner. There might be better ways to do it now, but it works for me!

There are 2 types of logs - dataflash (.bin, .log) logs and telemetry logs (.tlog)

You can check this -

Specifically this - MAVExplorer for dataflash and telemetry PX4 Flight Review for ulogs, in PX4

Awesome! I’ll try using MAVExplorer. Thanks guys.

If you have a filename sudo updatedb ; locate FILENAME.BIN

You can also find the logs in the “logs” directory…

pbarker@bluebottle:~/rc/ardupilot(pr/sitl-on-hw)$ ls logs

I am running SITL on linux VM with --out to Mission Planner on Windows. I see *.tlog, *.tlog.raw and mav.parm on VM but no bin. How then to view them in the VM or MP?

I see the .bin files are at ~/.local/bin needed by MAVExplorer.