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New to GSOC hope you help me to get things clear

(Abdallah Ahmed) #1


Honestly this is my first time joining GSOC. I have few questions if you don’t mind because I’ve read a lot of stories what should I do to apply but I found variety of things so I’d be pleased if you get this clear to me:
0.Do I have to have a new idea to submit?
1.Do I have to solve a bug (Good first issue) and append it with my proposal?
2.Sometimes when I read your description I fell you just need passion,programming experience knowing that I have good experience in Embedded systems (Several micro controllers interface and worked on autonomous car projects) ,Python and Linux. But sometimes in your for example you seem to need someone who’s life is basically around these projects you know xD and truth to be told I can’t read all your libraries in 5 days and know them “Specially I’m not that good with C++ as much as I’m good with python you’re using C++ right? I saw you need python and linux thought”, this doesn’t imply that I’m not interested (I’m crazy about Embedded systems by the way) but I just wanna know what exactly do you need? I can learn, I’ve taken a lot of courses online specially those from MIT so I have passion to science,ability to learn and search, good skills would that be enough?

(Olivier Brousse) #2

Hello, thanks for your interest.

0.Do I have to have a new idea to submit?

No, it is up to you. You can either choose from the subjects suggested, or propose your own.

This is not required, but this would certainly increase your chances of being accepted.

C++ is used as the flight controller base code, but many (and large) supporting programs are written in Python, like mavproxy and pymavlink. So it would really depend on your project idea.

You do not necessarily need to be someone “who’s life is basically around these projects” to apply, we have good proposals from applicants whose background are diverse. A “passion for science,ability to learn and search, good skills” are definitely welcome!

Ultimately it would all depend on what you propose and how it could benefit Ardupilot and the open source community.

Hope this helps!

(Abdallah Ahmed) #3

Yeah It was helpful, Thanks a lot