New to flight planner some items woint work

I am new to flight planner and just build my first hex drone and trying to update upload Firmware and the Mission Planner to AutoPilot in order to receive control the drone and all I get is error will not upload the film ware or any updates it ask if my board to a linxus board I have no idea and is my flight controller a 2.x? I was told it was a 2.5-2.6 the seller said it was a 2.8 not sure the uploader does not work on my system .maxlink downloaded does not work all I can say for now could use help to get started thanks

most new feature in Mission planner require a pixhawk class cpu. APM 2.x is out of date and now over 3-4 yrs old

Russ,you can use up to and including AC3.2.1 (for a multirotor) on an APM 2.5/6/7/8.Anyhting above that needs a Pixhawk 2.4.6/8/Pixracer/Pixhawk 2.1 etc.So you can use that FC but as Michael points out it’s getting a bit old and limited now.And he should know as he created and maintains Mission Planner.(thanks Michael).I’m not sure if you need an older version of Mission Planner for an APM FC.

A pixhawk 2.4.8 is a great,cheap, place to start although I’ve had a few happy years messing with the APMs.

so were do I find the limited download on here or can you. were do I find it before I decided on a pixhawk to me I wish I had known this before I build the hex drone because the controller I was told was new not 4 years old lol I have found a few pixhawks the same one posted by you looks like I am at it again thanks for the help

You find it in the Initial setup page and pick previous firmware.You may have to enable advnaced view in the config/tuning page first.

The APM will still do a job,and do it well,but the Pixhawks and current firmware are rushing ahead with new abilities and are worth having just for that.I’ve converted all of my copters to Pixhawks of different makes.

thank you jagger I have dicided to buy a Pixhawks but like many others I have to wait for payday 2 weeks lol again thank you very much

well thanks for your help looks like this hexa drone is going back to china iam looking at a new drone to add to my drones thank you again