New to fixed wings, fault finding a crash on takeoff

Hi, I am pretty new to flying fixed wings and I am struggling to find the causes of the last crash.
My first suspect is too much V tail mix so I reduced it back to 0.6 from 1.1 which was put in place after the V tail control surfaces were barely moving in FBWA but as it turns out there must have been some glitch there at the time of the test as it was way too much in the after crash tests.

The compass was freshly calibrated an the FC is 180 degrees adjusted and GPS/compass is also 180 degrees but that has since changed.

Here is the BIN file and also front camera footage:!AgrsKMbt7ktOgqV-bPLdGwDAn_gz_A?e=uv62e8

As you can see, the plane YAWs hard left which I think could have been the TX was reversed for Yaw which is now back to normal and redid the reversals in ardupilot instead.

Before I attempt another launch is there anything else here that looks out of place ? I am getting a little tired of fixing the plane with no flight time. I would fly in Manual but I cannot safely throw it while also holding the controller but a launcher will be built soon so for now I am trying TAKEOFF mode.