New to Arducopter, HELP

Hey all,

I had made the switch from my KK board last week and got an APM 2.6 off ebay. I followed all instructions for software installs onto my Windows 7 machine. When connecting to the computer via the USB, I get a solid red power light next to the USB port, solid red and blue lights on the other side of the board and two yellow solid led near the USB. GPS unit has solid green light that flashes blue.

I have put the board onto 4 different systems including Mac, windows XP Vista and 7. None reconize the device. Oh, also I went and made sure the bios was set for PnP.

Is this just a bad board?

Thank you,


Is your board a genuine 3D Robotics APM 2.6? Can you post a photo of your board?
The thing is, this forum is the wrong place for this kind of problems. It’s for the APM:Copter firmware only. Before I can move your post to the hardware forums, I need to know if it’s genuine 3DR because clones are not supported there.