New to APM Planner 2.0 and have setup questions

I have been following a lot of tutorials on Youtube on how to set up my tricopter. The tricky thing I have found is the support out there seems to be for mission planner, not apm. It is close enough that I can muddle through but still can get confusing when things do not look similar.

Is there a tutorial for APM planner 2.0?

I have yet to fly my trip as I am still wiring it up. When on my bench and connected through the telemetry I can arm it but it will disarm automatically a few minutes later. If this cause it detects it isn’t flying? I haven’t even finished wiring up the ESC’s yet.

Is there a reading in the log that might give me an indication of a failure somewhere that I can check before heading out to the field?I am using the most recent version of the tricopter firmware and have been testing inside. I assume that may be the main culprit.

Any advice you can give me would be of tremendous help!

As far as I know, there is no “full setup tutorial” based on the APM Planner 2.0. But like you said, for the most part it is very similar to Mission Planner. Although I have not extensively used APM Planner yet, I would say, if you have setup issues with your copter, please go and use Mission Planner and get it up and running before switching over to the new APM Planner 2.0, as there are more guides/screenshots of the setup procedure.

If you are just wondering about why it disarms, it is likely caused by a failsafe. If you download the logs from your APM, you should be able to see all error message at the top of the graph, at the appropriate times.

there is some basic documentation here

I use a mac and can’t load the mission planner software.

One of the issues I am having is with the logs. Can’t find the dataflash logs. I will search again.

Logs are in your home directory under apmplanner2

You will need to download datafalsh logs frist before they appear in the directory. You download logs by going to the graph view and select download log

When I go to the graph view and click on download logs nothing appears in the box.

Did you click the refresh button?

Please post information about your setup when making support requests?

I.e. OS, Auropilot, Connection type, software versions, logs (in HOME/apmplanner2/logs.txt files)

This helps us understand any issues you may have.

I have added a log, not sure if it was the right one. When I get to the bench i will tray again and load that log.