New TeraRanger NEO Rangefinder driver support

A new driver to support TeraRanger’s 6gm TOF Rangefinder is in the beta releases of ArduPilot. This rangefinder works extremely well for landing height detection in daylight, over short grass, etc. and reliably for altitudes over 20m, up to 30m over more ideal surfaces or indoors.

Available here:


Mine arrived this week and tests on the “outdoor workbench” in sunshine are impressive for the little 6 gram sensor. I expect about 25 meters over grass and will replace the previous small Benewake sensors, which have much less range at a similar weight. I need the sensor to be able to execute a steep approach to the automatic landing with reverse throttle in small airplanes. If the ground is then only detected at 5-8 meters, the touch-down is a bit hard.