New TBS Build Yaw Problems

Hi all I am after some help with a build

It is a
Genuine Pixhawk
Tbs Discovery
RC Timer 800 Extended Arms
DJI E800 Propulsion
Running 6S battery’s
Gimbal and everything up to the kitchen sink

All up weight is 2.8kg

This same was setup on a Naza v2 and was flying OK but not right as I was struggling with it overpowering the gains so I wanted to try the Pixhawk

After initial flight I did auto tune and gains seems good apart from Yaw and throttle.


It’s horrendous, it’s massively unstable, it rocks corner to corner in yaw then when I come off the stick I can hear 1 maybe 2 of the motors start to spin it’s nuts off until it comes to a stop and stabilises, even the smallest yaw input and it goes nuts, it seems to overshoot and try to correct its self as well

It’s bizarre, i had this Pixhawk in a 450 frame before this build I noticed the yaw was over compensating on the that frame as well a little, it would correct it’s self for a second or so after coming off the sticks, not smooth stop like the Naza.

I have no idea what the hell is going on, yaw was not great on he Naza as it never is on anTBs but not this bad.


It seems slow to react even in Stabilised mode, this thing has tones of power but it’s not letting me get to it, in Pos hols and loiter it’s very very slow to respond.

I would appreciate any help you guys can offer.

I will upload the logs from today shortly so you can have a look over


Please provide tlogs and/or dataflash logs to help troubleshoot your issues.

Logs below … 4.bin?dl=0