New school esc's

So I’ve been out of the building loop for a few years and see ecs’s have changed dramatically. I’ve got a Foxtech H1 quad I use for mapping. 4 years later and I’m having troubles with motors 1 and 2 losing power and causing some yawing issues. Heat shrink on both shows some over temp as the heat shrink has melted (Castle Creations MDR30/40). So I was looking at the Tekko32F3 Metal 4in1 ESC(65A) from Holybro at 65amps, DShot and a 4in1. But are the New BLheli 32 esc’s usable for general multi’s? Seems all these new Dshot esc’s are for racing. I’m using Tmotor MN3508 380kv motors, 6s 18650 LiIo and 15" props at 3.2kg. Definitely not a racing quad lol.

Not so, good for any application. There are many advantages including ESC telemetry which is useful for data and as a reference for the Dynamic Notch filter which can greatly improve performance due to better tuning. The Tekko’s are popular.

I had a quad with the same size motors (3508 380kv) using BLHeli_32 firmware ESC’s.

There is one setting you need to change in the ESC firmware but it’s trivial to do.

I would get separate Blheli32 escs with current monitoring as almost none of the 4 in 1 ESCs support per motor current monitoring, just total current.

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So maybe a set of these? Tekko32 F3 Metal ESC (65A)


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Those look like they tick all the boxes.

There is a new kid in the block: FETtec oneWire 45A per channel 4-in1- ESCs
A single wire will get you full telemetry, including per channel current monitoring.

I see the One-wire protocol is supported now but I don’t see a shunt resister(s) on this board. It must measure current though for the Active Current Limiting feature. Is it per channel current via telemetry do you know?

Nevermind. I found a users post with a log and it shows ESC current on each ESC. A bit pricey but very nice!

I noticed the APD ESCs dont have a shunt resistor or visible hall effect current sensor either but they report current OK. So I guess they are doing some funky maths related to voltages and FET conductivity and duty cycles…

@X1aero1 I’ve seen the Tekko32 4in1 65A Metal ESCs do sustained 80 amps (total) on 4 cell lipo for periods of time. The same rig did 6 flights of 50+ minutes in one day, with lesser payload.
The single units will be the same quality.
There’s a few BLHELI settings we adjust, like turn off Low RPM Power Protect, otherwise good to go!

Yes, they are pricey. But they max out at 180A total :slight_smile:
There is a cheaper - 35A per channel - variant than can do “only” 140A total.

Ah right. Now that you mention it I have read that somewhere. Perhaps one of your previous posts. Cool stuff.