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New rover project

Poor choice IMO. My 1st Rover was built from a Basher style Truck. It was way too fast even after changing the gear ratio. The motor cogged at low speed meaning it didn’t really have low speed and the ground clearance wasn’t good even for lawn if the grass is tall.

You do realize that vehicle kit needs a Motor, ESC, battery, servo and RC right?

Check out this thread for some build details:

Hey…also interested!
did you come right?
what 1/10 crawler did you choose?

so due to my location, some items will not be shipped, or too expensive to ship.
will this one work?

i know it’s 1/12 , will all the parts fit?

I suppose if you use an AIO type FC it would fit. I like the Kakute F7 AIO but there are others. Maybe you could mount the FC to the underside of the top panel and put the GPS module where the spare tire is.

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