New RFD TXMOD cannot upgrade FW anymore


i took some of new TXMOD bundles (868mhz), put into a taranis TX, entered into its webpage through wifi. Either modules i tried (two) show no fw version in the main screen, system version 1.4.1. When i try to upgrade fw (previously, with other modules, i did well with 3.15) it gives an error, which i took a picture. Never seen such error with previous ones. Both modules have same issue so i think it’s some software/config issue. Can someone help?

update: when powering on the other module on drone, firmware version show up. One had 3.15, matching remote module, and it’s working, while other has 3.16. I unmounted internal module and did a fw downgrade to 3.15 through USB cable, so now it’s working. Anyway, basically modules are working, while firmware upgrade page is screwed (at least SPIFFS part, i think)
Tried also to upgrade via a tablet, same story (in case it could be a local PC issue)

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Up on this… no update from RFD guys?

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