New Pixhawk flash issue re. Console Build in Px4ToolChain


I just got a new Pixhawk and I’m having issues trying to get it flashed.

I’m running Windows 7 32-bit. I installed the Pix4 Toolchain using the video instructions on this page:

However, at 2:31 on the video for the Console Build, mine doesn’t look like it does on the video. Mine goes really quick. It seems as if it didn’t run the make command properly. What am I missing?


Hi balbs,

Firstly are you wanting to load the PX4 firmware or the APM firmware? See the following for the difference

If APM are you wanting to build / compile custom ArduPilot code? If not then you don’t need to compile the code, you can upload the latest stable firmware (already compiled) to the Pixhawk through Mission Planner.

If you are wanting to compile the code are you following the APM guides at

Let me backtrack. When I first took it out of the box, I wanted to see what settings are on it. I downloaded the drivers and installed Groundcontrol. I connected it to my computer using the USB. Windows 7 detected and installed the PX4FMU on COM10. I launched GroundControl and selected PX4. I went to the Config at the top left and clicked on the scan. The scan detected the pixhawk. From there it either was waiting for the board to reset, can’t open interface, etc. I can never get further than that.

I figured since Groundcontrol couldn’t see it, the firmware may need to be flashed?

Is my Pixhawk bad?? :frowning:

Do you know anything about the APM platform and/or the Pixhawk or are you just blindly messing around with the things?
What are you trying to achieve, why did you buy a Pixhawk?

Not a true APM but I’ve configured and currently running MegapirateNG 3.0.1 r4 on a Crius AIOP V2 for my TBS Discovery. I use Mission Planner for that.

I bought the Pixhawk to use on my new Tarot FY690S frame thinking the Pixhawk is a good step up in a FC.

I’m not really trying to mess with the Pixhawk…YET…:slight_smile: As I mention, I just got it yesterday and I wanted to do a READ ONLY by just plugging it into Ground Control to see what settings and software version it has but I can’t get it to connect. Again, Ground Control sees the PX4FMU at COM10 on the scan but can’t open the interface for it. I tried using Mission Planner as well with the same results.

In retrospect, you can forget about the subject line of this thread. At this point I want to know what I’m doing wrong, what I need to do, or at worse, I want to know if the Pixhawk I got was bad.

BTW…when I got the Pixhawk, the microSD card was already in the slot. Is that right? That was one of the reasons I was wondering if mine was bad and somebody returned it but left the microSD card in the slot.