NEW Pixhawk 5X!

is this currently supported by Ardupilot?

Not specifically. Their web site seems to be saying it’s FMUV5X so it may work OK possibly with some anomalies using an FMUV5 firmware. Holybro seem to say it works with PX4 but the 5X is not listed in the PX4 docs either…
Order one if you like and maybe there’ll be a hardware definition by the time you get it :slight_smile: but that would be a gamble. Pix32v5 might be the closest existing build

Actually the Pixhawk Project list FMUV5X in here: GitHub - pixhawk/Hardware: PX4 Hardware designs
And PX4 lists FMUV5X here: PX4-Autopilot/boards/px4/fmu-v5x at master · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub
…but they dont specifically say that the 5X is supported. It could be some kind of indicator that PX4 still have the Cube Orange listed as experimental.

do meaning the firmware can be ported right? any detail spects of its components IMU and flah

The PX4 firmware cant be ported over, but once all the hardware details and intricacies are known a new hardware definition file can be created and then the Ardupilot builds will automatically appear.

Tridge is already onto this!

Hey guys, is there any estimate on when will the ardupilot ‘beta’ version be released for Pixhawk 5x yet ? I have been trying out the latest version, but I have ran into some pretty major bugs which ended up in my univirsitie’s drone crashing.