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New OS free F4Light HAL


(James Pattison) #81

One of the devs has got the matek F4-Wing running the ChibiOS HAL, but doesn’t support osd yet.
I don’t think the F4Light HAL has been ported to that board yet.

(Am) #82

Thanks for your reply.Could you please direct me to the thread or discussion about Matek F4 wing board?

(James Pattison) #83

It’s in the gitter chat here: Join the chat in ArduPilot/ChibiOS
But @David_SpektreWorks did the work

(night ghost) #84

Really? Better not to mislead people by erroneous thinking.

(Amilcar Lucas) #85

Can this page be updated with a table of boards VS. supported OS ?

Is there a wiki page for the F4 Light OS ? I could not find one.

(James Pattison) #86

Apologies: it is hard to keep up. You do move things along very quickly!
I hope all is well.

(Andrea Belloni) #87

in this post there is a link to the wiki

(Amilcar Lucas) #88

Yes this wiki: is a good start.
But there is no central page/table where all the supported boads are listed :frowning:

It would be nice to add such an info to:

(Michael Sam) #89

Is it possible to get this working on matek f405 aio?