New Odd Error - when uploading new/saved waypoint missions

Running MissionPlanner V1.3.79
Arducopter 4.3.0 and 4.3.2
Hardware:Matek H743 Mini

Anyone recognize this error? Have been using Mission Planner pretty regularly for the past couple weeks and started getting this persistent error every time I attempt to load in a new mission or write a saved mission onto the autopilot.

Thanks for taking a look!

Param7 for MAV_CMD_NAV_WAYPOINT is Altitude according to the reference:
Double check if you have any kind of sanity errors regarding this data.

You’re right! Oversight/error on my part. I didn’t set a takeoff point. Embarrassing. I think someone gave me decaf today. Missed my weather window to fly yesterday but hopefully I’ll get out and get some time in the air today. Found an interesting new spot. Excited to fly there. Thank you for your help in solving this!

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You’re welcome! Have fun!