New MP protocol -SSH

Is there any possibility of adding SSH protocol to MP? With security being on everyone’s mind, it would be nice to have SSH as one of the pull-down protocol options. A key file would eliminate the need for passwords. I have made it work using a Raspberry pi as a protocol converter (Raspberry connects via SSH and outputs RS-232 for use by MP), but there are too many links that chain. It would be much easier if MP could handle SSH directly. OR - does anyone know of a utility that I could run in a PC that would work?

What kind of communication do you want to do via SSH?

I use 4G/LTE for telemetry/control and want my entire telemetry/control path to be encrypted.

Currently, my fliers use SSH to connect to an Amazon server. While the connection between the flier and the Amazon ec2 server is always over SSH, the connection between the ec2 server and the ground station can be either telnet or SSH. If I use telnet, I can connect directly to it with Mission Planner - but of course that connection isn’t encrypted. If I set the ec2 server to SSH, then MP won’t connect.
I have programmed a Raspberry pi to connect to the Amazon server via SSH and then to MP over RS-232. But that is an extra piece of hardware to deal with. It would be easier if MP could directly use SSH. An alternative would be a program running on Windows in the background that would act like a “bridge” and handle SSH connections to the outside world and would present a ‘localhost’ type telnet socket that MP could access.

I guess you use a VPN for connection. Why not use VPN encryption ?

Or in Windows10 you can run everything in WSL (even in background) what you normally run on a Raspberry.

I actually don’t use VPN encryption. I’ll look into that, though.

I was totally unaware that you could use WSL as a SSL to telnet
converter that Windows could access.
Is that what you mean?

Or, do you mean that I can run MP in WSL - and then use a Linux utility
to perform the translation?

Exactly, you run MP in windows and run the linux utilities in WSL… WSL is totally coexists with windows, runs elf binaries and provide access files/usb/serial and all network resources simultaneously. WSL is not a virtual machine its a linux kernel emulation layer that runs linux binaries and translates linux kernel calls to windows kernel calls.

Thanks! I’ll try that.