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New long-range LiDAR Altimeter SF30/D

Long-range laser altimeter for terrain following

The SF30 high speed laser rangefinder is designed to detect obstacles or create maps from moving ground-based or aerial vehicles.

Using a time-of-flight system to make very fast and accurate distance and speed measurements, accuracy is mot affected by the color or textures of the surface, nor the angle of incidence of the laser beam.

the SF30 is virtually immune to background light, wind and noise, making it an ideal sensor to detect unexpected obstacles.

Also suited to high-speed scanning and sense and avoid applications. This microLiDAR ™ unit boasts an effective range of 200m and only weighs 35g.

Please visit this link for more info


Ive got an SF 11c and a SF 22c and fancy an SF30/d when cash allows,kep up the good work Team Lightware

Thanks for your continued support Marty,
Will keep you posted on our latest offers.

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What about Arducopter drivers ? Are they ready for SF30/d ? It will work with Arducopter 4 ? This SF30/d will be connected via SERIAL port ? Do you plan to use CAN bus ?

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