New landing strategy for steep landing

Following this discussion about problems I found when I try to perform a steep landing , especially because of the inconsistency of flare altitude point due to the delay that the autopilot takes when it waits for the motor engaged in reverse thrust to go idle , I would like to submit to the development team a new landing strategy.

Basically the user should have the possibility to control reverse thrust and plane pitch after the flare.

It make no sense to me that after the flare the motor is disable and the only way to change speed for the plane is to use pitch. Especially if the plane has a Lidar and the reverse,
When the plane is at a few decimeters from ground it can be stopped with the reverse even roughly with no damages for the plane.
Better if it would be possible to give a positive pitch attitude to obtain a controlled stall.

I think that some new parameters, % of reverse thrust , pitch degrees after the flare and a flag to allow an immediate flare even if the motor reverse output is not at 1500 ms should do the trick.

This would allow the users to obtain controlled short landings compared to actual strategy.