Hi Guys.

I just opened my new IRIS+ and followed the checklist etc. The GPS will not lock. I get double yellow lights that repeat. I assume this is the 3.2 version since I just bought it.

I can arm and start the motors, but I will not fly it until this error is resolved.

Any help will be appreciated.

Are you trying to get a GPS lock indoors or outdoors?
You may not be able to get a GPS lock indoors.

Make sure you have an open view of the sky and connect to a ground conerol station to the vehicle to see exactly what is going on. Depending on where are located it could take 30 minutes to get an initial lock.

Outdoors of course in an open area. Has anyone mod’d their IRIS+ with an external GPS stem? I’ll try it again tomorrow when I have time. I’m thinking that the compact architecture is nice in theory but too much EMI between components so closely nested.

I fly all the time with my IRIS with no issue with GPS. If you switch to STD (Alt Hold) on IRIS+ the yellow flashing will go away and you can just take off without GPS. It is also possible it has GPS just not low HDOP to allow Loiter Take off.
I can almost never takeoff in Loiter mode due to this issue. Once I’m in the air I switch to Loiter Mode.