New home position not recorded at rearm

I recently experienced a flyaway due to a bad GPS home position (my mistake, I forgot to enable circular geo fence preventing arming without reliable 3D fix).

But, during that flight, I landed and rearmed. At that time 3D fix wad good, is it normal a new home position wasn’t recorded ?

The flight log can be found at

My setup is quite simple :
F450 frame, AUAV-X2, X2212-980kv, 10x4.5 prop, 4S/3300, NEO 8M

You should have recycled power. Then you would have had the new home position. It would have still taken that first point as home (I think stand, to be corrected)

That sounds like a bug to me. Once the copter is armed it should set the current position as home unless it does not have a good GPS fix in which case it could be whenever it does get one in my experience.