New hexadrone kit with pixhawk FMUV3 calibration unsuccessfull

I have a new hexadrone-- DIY 550 six-Axle FPV Drone Quadcopter Frame 920KV Motor GPS w/ 2-Axle Brushless Gimbal AT10II 2.4G 12CH Radio Transmitter with pixhawk
Have made some successful and unsuccessful flights.
I am brand new to the drone environment
Tried manual tuning and auto tuning but have had the copter suddenly going in its own way and had some lowlevel crashes.
Have studied the logs according to Ardupilot instructions but still have no clue where to look for my problems.
i include here my most recent log for any help would be appreciated.
this recent log made 2 flights and forced to land in between after flying away from me and did a RTL to get it back to my position.
Have battled since day 1 with taking off problems.
Hope somebody can be off assistance.

Not w/o a link to the log file you mentioned.