New Herelink 1.1 radios constantly freezing up

I’m trying my best to believe in the Herelink system but I’m finding it to be a complete letdown to be honest…

We have one of the first 1.0 systems and it works fine for mission planning but the video transmission is not exactly smooth and our main problem has been transmitting via hotspot to a laptop. I’ve tried multiple laptops but we always get random graying out on the video stream in mission planner. Sometimes it’s highly intermittent, other times it’s so bad to the point of un-useable.

I ordered two 1.1 systems from IRlock at the end of January. I finally got time to try them today. Installed first system, updated controller and air unit, then Solex app. Everything looks like it’s working fine but controller constantly completely freezes up. Sometimes it’ll be when you tap something, other times when it’s just sitting there streaming video. Opened the second controller, updated everything, exact same freezing, completely unreliable. I can go back to my original 1.0 unit and have zero freezing up.

Also the jog wheel on one of the new units is jacked up. It’s loose around center and does not re-center when you let off so our gimbal keeps tilting. I can max out the DZ and almost get rid of it but it’s still jacked.

I love the Cube, we probably have more than 25 of them here but this Herelink system gives me zero faith. We normally use Graupner radios, Connex video systems, and RFD900s. That has proven incredibly reliable for many years…

Anybody have ideas on the freezing up?



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