New flying/driving mode

I like to find/create a mode where the vehicle moves on a pre-learned compass-yaw-anlge orientation (like ab-lines in agriculture vehicles). Perhaps this could be done be placing a waypoint 100 meters in front of the vehicle, updating this before it reaches it and minimizing the deviation from the ‘lane’ between origin and waypoint.

I would like to drive our vehicle in manual mode into the right (agriculture) row.
When I’m ready, I like to enable this mode to drive this row on it’s own. Since we can drive into the rows from two directions, it has to deside if it should reverse the learned compass orientation. With this one command it should drive about 400 meters in the new ‘auto’ mode.

I can’t find it anymore in this forum, but I remember reading something similar before …
Is there anybody working on something like this or other flying/driving modes?

Kind regards,

Thanks to @iampete, I discovered zigzag mode in Copter, I would like to see how hard it is to make this mode also possible in Rover.