New flightmode based on AUTO mode

Hi there,
i urgently have to implement a new flight mode. The Dev chain is installed and works fine.
But the code is not so easy to understand for me for the first time.
What I need: manually control the attitude (like YAW control) while flying in AUTO mode

Can someone assist me what I have to do and to understand the code?
This solution is very time critical for me 'cause I have to do some agricultural flight services next time and
such a new flight mode could help me doing this services much better and more simply.

Any hints are welcome!

My background in developing: I’m a software engineer for more than 25 years with C++ and Object Orientation as my favorites.

BTW: My english isn’t so well, I’m from Germany :wink:

Hi Axel,
Is this for a plane or a copter? There is already an option to do exactly this in the plane code.
See the AUTO_FBW_STEER parameter:
Cheers, Tridge

Hi Tridge,

i’ts for copter. Will have a look at the plane code and look if it helps me. There is no similar parameter for copter.

Cheers, Axel.