New flight mode for Plane

I’m adding a new flight mode for ArduPlane, I’ve seen a couple of threads on this, but unfortunatelly there’s still no answer to this problem.
So how do I make it appear the new flight mode when I call mode in mavproxy? Do I need to modify the source code of mavproxy?


Flight modes can be directly entered on the command line. This will send the appropriate command to the APM. Use mode n to change mode, where n is the desired mode. To get a list of available modes, enter mode.

Thanks, using mode n works, but I still can’t see my flight mode in the list when I just call mode.
It will do for now, thanks again!

Would you tell us about the concept for your new flight mode?

I’m working on a control algorithm, similar to FBWA, but it takes into account the angle of attack (which is measured by a sensor on the aircraft), to maintain the same performance (controller response) in highly non-linear flight conditions (stall, post-stall maneuvers).

You can follow this link for Plane also. Change everything to Plane instead of Copter.