New Flight Computer to Octa with 8 GPIOs


The Problem: I have an octarotor with 8 pin(PWM and relay signals) demand, resulting in a total of 16 pins needed, 8 i/o + 8 GPIO.

I already use the Pixhawk4 and it works fine, but apparently this board it’s off the market. Below the ports used in my current Pixhawk4:

The ports needed:
TELEM1 → Telemetry
TELEM2 → Radar
UART & I2C → Second GNSS
Power1 and Power2 → Supply and voltage/current sensing
GPS Module → Primary GNSS and magnetometer
I/O PWM output → Eletric motors
FMU PWM out → Miscellaneous
CAP & ADC in → Sensing (all used)

Sometimes I use the FMU debug port for second radar to testing collision avoidance.

Anyone knows an alternartive board to meet the needs of my drone?
I’m also open to using other settings the protocols to read and write my peripherals…

Thanks, Auro.

Replaced with the Pixhawk5X I suppose.

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Just use a 20$ Matek L431 AP_Periph to extend the system if you need more serial ports

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I send an email to Holybro and apparently the Pixhawk4 and Pìxhawk5 uses the same chip, on which they are having manufacturer problems… The Pixhawk5 had the same problem I guess.