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New FC: RadioLink Mini Pix

( research air) #22

that link won’t work, go to aliexpress and look for radiolink minipix

(James Elkins) #23

I got mine off of amazon. Flys my z84 just fine… had to add a bigger cap to the power board, would reboot when going from 0 throttle to full quickly. No power on the servo rail so I added a 5v regulator to my setup.

( research air) #24

different USB conn worked…looks like it’s going to work for most applications but not TVBS or other exotic stuff

(davidbitton) #25

The changes to their Ardupilot fork vs. the original is here:

( research air) #26

this might be wrong, seems to load all, hmmm

(Andras Schaffer) #27

1M flash and 192K RAM instead of 2M/256K this controller is definitely a dead end. Caveat emptor !

( research air) #28

anyone know what the current arduplane config needs as far as flash and ram? trying to figure out if this controller is usable for my stuff for now.

(Andras Schaffer) #29

Currently it is just below 1M (.98M) so it will fit, but it is very likely that the upcoming releases will need more than 1M for all features. The biggest problem is with RAM, all tests were done on 256Kbyte RAM, so even if it compile for 192K, you cannot be sure that there will be no memory shortage during normal use. (Even worse, if you compile for 256K and load to the smaller processor, you likely experience random failures…)

( research air) #30

that’s what I needed to know …need a bigger box for all the outdated controllers
Thanks very much.

(Dave) #31

The only interesting thing about the Radiolink mini pix is the power module bundled with it. Nice form factor for some builds.

(Pavel Gorlo) #32

Nevertheless, adrupilot works successfully on omnibus and similar controllers.

(Andras Schaffer) #33

No, it is not. “ArduRevo” is a port of most of the Ardupilot features, but definitely not Ardupilot, it is way beyond the point that it could be considered as a fork of the AP.
(It is a nice piece of software engineering, but i would not consider it as ArduPilot)

(James Pattison) #34

These could be a potential target for the chibios port that Sid, Tridge and Peter are chipping away at - low flash (<500k), low memory targets are part of the intent behind that effort.

(night ghost) #35

Proofs? You are definitely wrong because there is only additional HAL with another code from upstream unchanged.

(Toto Mauris) #36

I have tried to upgrade the firmware the result is error uploading firmware and I can’t connect the board with mavlink, could you help please ?

Could you share your firmware in order to upload in the board ?

(James Elkins) #37

You have to use the radiolink missionplanner to flash the firmware, its available on their web site under downloads.

(Toto Mauris) #38

I already use radiolink mission planner but After upgrade try the board
does’t reply and can’t connect

(James Pattison) #39

Have you contacted radiolink?
It’s better for everyone (users, RadioLink and ArduPilot) if they can be nudged to contribute upstream. The number of people who can help is really small otherwise.
Also, as you’ve bought the board, they’re obligated to provide you access to the source code (both Missionplanner and ArduPilot), due to the license. If you ask for it and they provide it, put it online somewhere (GitHub for instance), and put a link in here.

(Toto Mauris) #40

I have already sent a request to Radiolink, I think that the more users will send requests the more high favorable reply chances will be

(James Pattison) #41

I actually ordered one today, specifically so I can exercise the license provisions. Will see how it goes.
This board is also an obvious ChibiOS target, so if RadioLink doesn’t provide the source I’ll have a go at testing tridge’s new hardware definition file tool.