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New FAA Rules for Drones Go Into Effect

(ppoirier) #1

This is a link to an article from / about the new FAA Rules for Drones

FAA new regulations may have major influence on other’s countries regulations.
Please feel free to add updates from your local autorities.

(Chris Olson) #2

Section 349 was actually championed by AMA. For the first time AMA stands to gain official recognition as having authority in model aviation, including having their safety program formally coordinated and recognized. This includes pilot training, pilot licensing, insurance, and aircraft certification (for some models) that has long been required by AMA sanctioned flying clubs.

So it doesn’t affect AMA recreational pilots, or Part 107 commercial pilots, at all. What it does affect is the thousands of people who have suddenly put aircraft into the air in the form of consumer “drones” with no accountability or training, some of these folks doing things with them they shouldn’t be doing.

Personally I think it’s a positive thing, doesn’t require membership to AMA, but gives their long-stand safety and responsibility rules in model aviation the bite of law.

I am quite sure it will raise the ire of many people or groups that view it as their “rights” to do anything they want to do being infringed. But it has never been a free-for-all in aviation, and the FAA does not intend to let it become one, even with little plastic drones.

I don’t believe that what the FAA does has much bearing on what other aviation authorities do around the world. For instance, FAA requirements that unmanned pilots be certificated Part 61 for commercial operation, then subsequent enactment of Part 107 for commercial operators, didn’t seem to affect what other countries did at all.