New ESCs: Do i need to setup the transmitter for the differential thrust first?

Bought 2 new esc’s. For 2 motors do i need to mix 3 channels in the transmitter first like in the youtube videos? Or do i just need to wire the Pixhawk and to the config on the GSC software?

Is the right motor and left rotates in the opposite directions?

The esc is reverse capable but these are brushed motors and I don’t need this right?

I really got everything but i just don’t want to burn stuff. Thank you for the support!

(I’m aware of cutting the power line of BEC’s to pixhawk when connecting)

No need. just assign RCn_Function to motor right and left.

Yes you are. You have to make left and right motors spin in the opposite direction.

Most likely on that boat the port prop turns CCW and the starboard prop turns CW looking at the transom. But you can just look at the props and figure that out. You would need the motors to reverse if you are using typical skid steering but I suppose in stock form it will not reverse or zero turn and maybe you don’t need it to.

I figured the directions on slow mo cam. I’am supposed to wire the ESC to one motor in reverse order(+,-) in order to make the motor run CCW, right?

thank you. So I’ll just connect the motors’ pwm to pixhawk and other pwm cable to rc receiver and assign the function in mission planner.

Well, it’s obvious which way a prop needs to turn to generate forward thrust you don’t need a video for that but whatever works for you. Yes, reverse the 2 wires to the motor to reverse it’s direction.

Make sure you have one left hand prop and one right hand prop on the boat. Putting one prop on backwards to have counter rotating props is not the way to . I don’t know what your drive train set up is.

Yes you are right. Here is the video. (shafts are fine I did some testing.) I’m only upgrading battery and esc for arduboat project.

They are just like what you say. But one is CCW.