New Emlid M2 RTK far from stable stay away at the moment

I get it. You are the customer. And they should not be doing a Windows 10 approach. But since you are enaged in a customer service spat on a public forum your actions will also attract some comment. Your Mexican stand off is likely delaying a fix for you. And your efforts at damaging Emlids sales may boomerang back on you as people reading this may feel sympathy for Emlid. Just give them the logs and concurrently ask them to change this admittedly and seemingly bad non-rollback choice by Emlid.

I hope you figure this out.

Really do not care to hurt their sales, it is not my target, i am just commenting how they are behaving and giving my advice to possible customers. People will read and take their informed decisions.
Not giving the chance to roll back is plain crazy

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I’ll be honest here. I make a lot of money off Emlid products for my business. All my fieldstaff use them, all our aircraft have them installed and we have done this for these reasons: support, affordability, accuracy, ease of use and reliability.

Over the years, Emlid has grown from just 2 guys in an apartment to a major player in the GPS and autopilot market. Yet they still have retained their opensource attitude and eagerness to develop a support structure similar to that that is found on this forum. They now serve thousands of clients, not just in the hobby field but now commercial enterprises too.

They may not be the most communicative about what goes on behind the scenes, but this is not any indication of them ignoring requests or complaints. Trouble shooting GPS issues is extremely difficult. Everyone has a different level of experience in using GPS at survey grade level, every environment is different in terms of available constellations, signal noise and the hardware used to transfer corrections, solutions and even operate the units can vary enormously. Just because you are not getting a solid fix may be a result of any number of factors, especially if the correction workflow has some 3rd party method.

Thus, Emlid has implemented a sound routine for trouble shooting issue that may arise. The workflow of asking for any available logs and system report will help them assist you to get back to a working state as soon a possible. From that they can determine if your issue is user based or is indeed an issue that will affect others. I will admit that I have had issues in the past that I was convinced was a device issue but upon submitting the logs, it was realized that I had made some mistakes in my setup.

Over the years, we have found that while offering a professional service to your clients, we need to maintain that professionalism within our organisation.

That means that if a component or service is working, we ensure that it is before we mobilize. If a firmware update is issued, we test that our before committing to any task that involves an inconvenience, cost or delay to the client. This is crucial as it means you can now enter the work-site, confident in your equipment and focus on the job at hand.

As mention above, Emlid has offered to assist (as they do to any of their clients, not just those that make the most noise). They know their product better than anyone else and are far more qualified to make a call on whether or not there is a user, unit, software, hardware or firmware issue. This is how they operate and have assisted many cases in this fashion. But in order to assist, they do need as much information as possible, hence the request for logs, equipment setup, etc.

I fixed my situation, i installed drotek on the remaining machines, i wrote a little script to get correction online and pass it to drotek via serial.
Now everything works, on drotek we didn’t have any issues in last 3 days. We are back to work.
In the mean time Emlid didn’t give me the chance to go to previous firmware.
I still strongly advice to STAY AWAY from emlid M2, on latest firmware it just doesn’t work.

Just a quick update from the field. We are still using Drotek Sirius and have had rock solid fix for the last week of work. We have been back to full power working.
Didn’t have any update from Emlid in the last week and both M2 units are still sitting on the desk waiting for emlid to let me go back to previous firmware or fix the existing problem. In the mean time we put up for sale the two RS2 bases we have because they started acting strange.
All in all i still advice to look somewhere else for a good F9 Gps solution.

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Hi all,

Since the discussion is bumped again by Corrado, I’d like to elaborate on the situation.

First of all, thanks to everyone for participating in this discussion and your support.

We’ve offered to solve this user’s issue multiple times since the day it was originally reported in different ways ignoring his abusive behaviour.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a way to a productive dialogue. We haven’t managed to reproduce the issue and never got logs from Corrado.

Also, at this point, we stop any communication with Corrado as our employees received numerous insults and intimidation threats via email from him. We are intolerant to such a communication approach and believe that no one should be treated this way no matter what the issue is. Therefore we can’t keep silence on this.

We are still open to debugging the issue and fixing it. Corrado’s representative can contact us about returning the devices once we prove the malfunction.


I was just informing people that may be interested in F9 units that Drotek Sirius is working great for us and Emlid M2 is not working as expected and noted how is still impossible to roll back to previous firmware on emlid products and that is why we put up for sale the two RS2 bases we have (they are running erratically lately after a firmware update).
Funny how Dimitry finds time to answer to this matter and doesn’t find the time to release a new firmware with a roll back function as many people are asking on their forum too.
As for bumping the thread, i am not doing it intentionally, i am just informing people of the struggles i am having with one product and how well is working another. In times where people get more and more interested in new F9 based gps units i think it is good information.
It is like a little blog from the field of RTK real use, if you don’t like it, just skip it.

Unfortunately this thread is getting personal and as a moderator I have to close it and remind @Corrado_Steri of the basic facts: