New Drone User Looking for Some Help

I am new to drones and I am currently having problems connecting my drone to my computer using Mission Planner. I am using Windows 8.1, and when I connect my APM 2.6 to my computer, the correct COM port shows up. However, when I click to connect, the drone does not connect because the heartbeat packages are not received. Is there any way I can fix this so I can move on and calibrate the drone for flight?


Have you fixed this? If not, what baud rate are you selecting, and how are you trying to connect?

I have the same problem with a new installation of Mission Planner in Win7, it can’t connect to the PX4 over USB on Com10 but it sees it at first to update the firmware. Is there a solution to this problem?

px4’s come blank, unless its in an iris, or similar. so make sure you have uploaded a firmware.

Firmware update wouldn’t work for anything but a plane. I was trying to configure it for a copter since that’s what I have but after watching a video on Youtube where he used the plane I tried that. It is the only firmware configuration on MP that works! If I try a different configuration it seems to work, says it is erasing the flash then updating the firmware and it even seems to finish OK. However the blue light never comes on to show it is ready and when I try to connect it doesn’t work!