New droiplanner

hey everybody
i just to test the new looking droiplanner and i can say one thing: i love it
it far better than previous version…but it seem to be not available on the market…
could you say me when it will remplace the original version?
it more userfriendly and better looking

Last time when I test DP V2, the option to load waypoints from a file from android to APM was not working, see below.
Is this feature fixed back on V2?

"We changed our mission objects architecture, to be able to do some nice things in the future. But in the process we lost the abilities to load and save from files."

The new version will be released to public in a couple of days. It’ll never replace v1.2, and you will be able to run both. The plan is to make users switch at their will to the new version (v1.2 will not be updated any further).

The option to load missions from files will be re-added in upcoming versions.