New Controller for new Cinewhoop

I am in the process of building myself a new FPV Cinewhoop with the ShenDrones Squirt v2 airframe and TPU printed parts. I originally built and tested this platform with the RadioLink MiniPix 1.2 controller and I’m having some rather frustrating trouble.

To start with everything went together well, the RadioLink module is the PERFECT size for this build but I’m running into some frustrating issues. At first I added a BN-220 GPS and used the internal compass but found the GPS a little slow and drifty and the GPS had to be recalibrated often (often is probably an overstatement as this project hasn’t been in the air more than a dozen times). I was to the point of fine-tuning the PIDs (autotune just wouldn’t finish successfully before the battery died).

I recently swapped out the BN-220 GPS for a BN-880 with Compass and upgraded from 4blade to 6blade 75mm props. Things SEEM better, if only I could only get it to actually fly I could test to see if it’s still as drifty and jumpy.

Now… even after triple checking prop and motor orientation, recalibrating the compass, accelerometer, level, etc multiple times when I try to lift off indoors (I could hover it around my office with little difficulty in the early days) sometimes it will hover a few seconds before it gets rather sluggish responding to stick instructions or it will do an “insta-flip” as it get’s light before takeoff.

I can also tell you for sure that (at least in my case, using Spektrum radio gear) that the standard firmware not from RadioLink disables radio communications with the controller.

I may try to take it outside to test, but I’m almost afraid to with the instabilities experience so far.

Have other RadioLink MiniPix users had this type of issues? Any hope of stabilizing this little monster? I’m almost to the point of buying a new board but I REALLY like the size of this one as it physically fits this build perfectly.

If there’s no hope, I guess a new board it is… but then which one???

I’ve been eyeing the PixRacer board, or possibly the HolyBro Pixhawk Mini - I could use recommendations from anyone who has used either?



RadioLink hardware is notorious for being problematic. I use a Matek H743 Mini on a Shendrones Terraplane and have been fairly happy with it.

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I wouldn’t use either of those boards for a whoop. Pick one of the mini boards from Matek or Holybro. I have one each, both good but prefer the Matek boards as Yuri suggested.

Regarding Radiolink. Simply read the warning here:
Avoid Radiolink

I was just looking at that Matek version this morning… It looks very interesting with the extra systems it has built into the board (I like the fact that OSD is built in)

I am using a TX16S radio and a Spektrum DSMX satellite receiver - any ideas if this is supported on the Matek?

Got rid of all the Spectrum stuff years ago. Try here Spectrum RC

And… yes… I read that radio link warning AFTER I purchased it… unfortunately - now I’m regretting that purchase.

It’s old F4 stuff anyway, may as well future proof with an H7 board.

What PDB are you using with the Matek?
any significant benefits (other than form factor) for the mini vs slim?

You don’t need PDB. FC and a 4-in-1 ESC stack is all you need. A mini stack makes for a very compact light weight installation.

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Even better. Looks like the Matek may be the winner!

Yes. I have the H743-Mini version with an Aikon 4in1 but there are several 20x20 BLHeli_32 versions to choose from. The Holybro Tekko’s are very popular.

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