New compass auto-calibration

Hello everybody,

I am very happy so far with the new 3.4 release of Plane. However, there is one thing that I don’t understand and this is how to find/activate/use the new internal compass calibration feature. Could anybody let me know, how I get access to that function respectively how I can activate it? I have not found a helping answer in the forum discussions so far. This is especially important for me, as Mission Planner constantly crashes if I invoke the “old” live-calibration for my Pixhawk with external compass (I am not sure if this is due to the new version of plane or due to the newest release of Mission Planner).

I am using Apm Plane 3.4 and Mission Planner as my GCS.

Thanks for your help,

There is a button for it on the beta version ( of mission planner.
Have tried clicking it but nothing seems to happen and I’ve no idea how to use it lol

I have used the current stable release of mission planner (1.3.32) to calibrate Plane 3.4 and that works fine for me.

As far as I know its still being worked on in MP. Keep an eye on the next release of MP.
Thanks, Grant.

Thank you very much for the information!