New Changes in px4fmuv2_bl.bin and px4io_bl.bin?

I am trying to flash the STM32F427 with the px4fmuv2_bl.bin which has worked flaless before.
But with the newest version from github something goes wrong.
The board turns up as PX4v3 in MP but is should be PX4v2.
And when I flash the STM32F100 the heartbeat-led doesnt start to blink blue.

This all ends upp with problems loading the FW via MP and a board with non function IO ports.

If I use old bootloaders everything works fine!
I am using ST-linkv2 via JTAG to flash the MCU:s

Does enyone know if something has changed in the code or am I missing something

Kind regards!


Sorry this is in the wrong forum!
I have moved it to the pixhawk forum.