New carrier boards to feature ADSB as standard!

CubePilot has partnered with uAvionix to build the new STANDARD carrier board, with ADSB included!


In and Out? or only In.

Only In can show what is flying in the vicinity. Not a new feature with Ardupilot.

Out could be a good way to inform other aero users of the presence of an UAV in the airspace. Do not forget the Open FLARM project.

Ardupilot has had ADSB in for many years, I was part of that team.

ADSB out does not belong on UAVs unless those UAVs are flying above 400ft or in controlled airspace.

This feature is about hardware.

We have added a uAvionix 1080 RX directly into our standard line of carrier boards.

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I am excited to see this development, as I imagine it will offer a significant cost savings over the discretely packaged PingRX (standalone cost: $249).

The newly integrated chipset receives both 978 UAT and 1090ES, correct?

As a side note, I agree it would almost never be appropriate for an sUAS to emit 1090ES, given the intentions and restrictions. However, I know first hand that a 978 UAT -out capability does offer some utility, as it can be used so long as you have appropriate paperwork (e.g. tail number). That is precisely the bill a Ping 2020i is designed to fit - it receives both 978 UAT and 1090ES, but only transmits 978 UAT.

For the majority of users, I think 978 UAT -out capability would be a liability concern (if they are unauthorized to transmit) and an unnecessary expense. So the integrated RX only in a carrier board was the best decision, if you don’t mind my saying.

One additional question: Does the unit permanently consume a UART, or is it on a bus (I2C/SPI)?
This will matter if I wish to disable the integrated receiver in favor of a Ping 2020i.

When will these be available?