New carrier board for NVIDIA Jetson TX1 - PIXEVIA CORE X1

Hi, we have a new NVIDIA Jetson TX1 carrier board dedicated for drones. It started as a part of tactical UAV project for Lithuanian Ministry of Defence, and now we are offering it to all drone manufacturers and users.

Our PIXEVIA CORE X1 module was created and dedicated for UAVs from day one. It features onboard 3D accelerometer, 3D gyro, 3D compass, barometer together with SD-card, 2x USB3, 2x USB2, 3x UART, HDMI, 8x GPIO, miniPCIe, CSI, I2C, CAN BUS, PWM.
All connectors are ruggedized, temperature range: -20 / +85 ‘C.

It also perfectly works with our AI image processing framework. For more information please visit our website -

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I click into your page and I don’t know how to buy the carrier board for tx1, 2
Thank you.

This looks very interesting to me.

Do you have out of the box integration support with the PX4 flight stack (on pixhawk)?

I am looking to integrate a ZED stereo camera and a Velodyne lidar with as much out of the box support as possible. I need working Ardurover so I can get started with SLAM and Behaviour as fast as possible with LTS for the vehicle.

Please provide Pricing and Availability for the P-core and related UAV NAV and Imaging software.
Could you also advise if your NAV code is Native or riding on some RTOS like so many others.

Hi, Dongho_Kang, you can order one directly from us. Please write me an email about it -


Hi, Alexander,

such integrations are possible, but not out of the box. What we offer is a position information.


Hi, UAV_Pilot,

for the pricing you should contact us directly -, it depends on a quantity you buy, also we provide discounts for universities.

As for our NAV software it is based purely on our own research, it runs on Linux with preempt-kernel.