New CAN ESC from Holybro

I was speaking to Pavel from Zubax and was looking for a CAN esc that supports 6S batteries and he pointed me in this direction.
these look promising and I am going to purchase 4 for a new quad I am working on. Looks like they support UAVCAN, I wish more makers would come out with UAVCAN as that is the nicest and neatest way to setup a UAV. I am currently trying to move a lot of my sensors over to UAVCAN.


But only 20A.

And I found this:
Mini ESC features:

  • CANbus and UART support
  • Wide input voltage range ā€“ 7Vā€“54 V
  • 30 A continuous, 40 A peak current rating
  • Compact size
  • Lightweight
  • Optional position and temperature sensor
  • Sensored and Sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC)
  • High torque and smooth start operation of the motor
  • Regenerative braking with current control
  • Safety features include overcurrent, overvoltage and high-temperature protection and
  • Easy to use auto-detect algorithm and configuration GUI

Did you try this? It would be interesting to see your findings.