New Build-Need analysis 4.0.3

Recent build of a V shaped Octo. The file attached is its 3rd flight. Yaw is scary slow, even after ATC gain increased. I believe I’m still a bit tail heavy as well. Trying to manually tune it for a real AutoTune. I may have to go with 4S. :laughing:

(8) 2207 2100kv
7x4 APC props
AUW 1090
3S 4400mAh
3DR Solo Cube
BLHeli 4in1 35A esc

Thanks in advance

For some of my big octo and hex I bump up ATC_ACCEL_Y_MAX above what is given in the tuning guide.

I find it also helps with overshoot as the correction can be done much faster

Thx Dave. This is a smallish V shape octo. Its made of parts I had laying around. Cheap frame etc. I have read Yaw is difficult to tune with this frame type. Roll and Pitch are ok @ default, but yaw is lacking control.

What is your Y set to currently? How big is the Octo? My octo is 1300mm and my hex is 1000

I increased the Yaw P gain from default to 4.59, its about 720mm.

Not the p gain but the atc_accel_y_max. What is that set at?

I would take the 27000 up to 36000 and try the yaw again

New flight with modified settings.

Yaw atc_accel_y_max set to 36000.

Unable to complete a single AutoTune axis. Its a 3DR Solo 2.0 Cube FC with a mini carrier, hard mounted, (thin double side tape). Maybe its too soft mounted?