New build flipping over during take off

Hello All
I have read and read but haven’t come up with a good solution yet. Maybe one of you pro’s have the quick answer and have seen this before.
I have a new Quad Copter build : AMP 2.5 with 3DR ECS’s , PM, Radio and GPS. Futaba 6ch radio and 7 recv. 5200 lipo and 936 kv motors.
Re-installed Mission planner to ver1.2.99 and just reloaded latest firmware on Quad Copter.
Everything is built and all the calibrations check out ok, including Transmitter and ESC calibration.
Transmitter calibration screen shows the sticks moving the correct "roll-pitch-yaw and throttle"
Motors spinning correct direction, blades are on correct and ESC’s plugged in according to the manual output diagram.

Here’s the problem, Once I arm the motors and power up some throttle, the copter starts to lift but wants to come up nose first, “pitch up”. I thought maybe it was just stuck on some grass at first and powered on up. It flipped over and crashed. "NO sticks moved other than throttle"
All the motors are powering up but it’s hard to tell at that speed which ones if any might be lagging.
I thought then that the calibration of the ESC’s may still be off so I re-calibrated the ESC’s.
No change. "this time I broke a blade"
I replaced the blade and started searching here for an answer.
I have since reloaded mission planner and firmware which one person said solved a similar problem, but didn’t work for me. I have also re-checked all my ESC connections for the proper order and according to the manual they are correct.
One thing I did notice when I was checking the motors and calibration of ESC’s “with out props” the roll, pitch and yaw didn’t seem to slow the correct motors.
I would assume even if that’s true wouldn’t effect a straight lift off the ground using only throttle.
Any direction of things to check would be most appreciated! Any thing I didn’t cover please ask.
Thanks in advance.

Hello again all.
Never mind about the post above. :blush:
Two motors were out of place from the outputs and two of the propellers were on the wrong motors.
The fixed all that was going wrong.