New ASV Project

I have been working on this project for a few weeks and just wanted to share what i have done just in case it can help someone else. I have also been using others on here to support me so thanks to RMackay9 and David_Boulanger
the boat is a 1m LWL powerboat designed for this project running RPI 3 with Navio 2
the lake i am running at has no internet available so i cant hotspot am having to use the laptop and create an ADHOC network so range is limited (i will soon create a full wireless network for the lake).
the tuning video that David upload was a great help and i have copied most settings but NAVL i have set to 28
The boat is currently running 2 cell Lipo and i have got to 2.8m/s, initially it was doing the whole sin wave but as you can see now it goes quite straight (i have changed p and i now to stop the rudder jitter you can see in the video), the boat is capable of 9m/s on 4 cell with normal transmitter and this is where i hope to end up at.


Looking good! Thanks for the video, it’s great to see these. Top speed of 9m/s should be fun :-).

The steering wobble looks like the ATC_STR gains are a little high but I guess you’ve worked that out.

I’m not yet an expert in the navigation tuning but I’m a little surprised NAVL1 = 28 is aggressive enough but that’s great if it works, gives me some confidence to try higher values than I might have otherwise.