New Ardupilot Partner: TTRobotix

The Ardupilot team is happy to welcome and pleased to introduce a new partner this month: TTRobotix.

The Thunder Tiger Group is an industry-leading manufacturer of radio controlled models including: airplanes, helicopters, cars, boats, and Accessories & Engine innovation.

TTRobotix is a subsidiary of Thunder Tiger Group who specialize in research, design, development, manufacture and integration of advanced UAV technology system, products and service.

TTRobotix is the maker of the award-winning sub SeaDragon, the Ghost+ series of quadcopters including the Ghost+ with H3D-360, the RevealOne heli (with built-in radar system, RTK GPS, and thermal imaging camera support) the Aspire Cam and Base One rovers, and many more models.

TTRobotix AspireCam Rover

RevealOne Heli

When buying products, please consider purchasing from one of the ArduPilot partners.

If you or your company are interested in becoming a partner, details are available here on our partners page.
You can visit the TTRobotix store here!


We saw you on the IEEE Spectrum’s CES 2018:

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Welcome TTRobotix! We really appreciate your support!

I was looking through the ThunderTiger store (The RC vehicle producing portion of the company) and found these sailboats. Tridge and I have talked about adding support for sailboats some time… so much fun stuff to do!


Congrats guys!!! Saw you guys at CES and very impressed with the RevealONE and DragonFly heli!!!


My name is William and I am from Thunder Tiger. We will be more than glad to provide our Victoria sailboats for you to do research for adding support.

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That is fantastic news, I want that helicopter! (Minister of finance here currently advises against such a move). Re sailboats … I stand under correction but I think thats another competiton that has not been won.

I’m working on a Pixhawk/ardurover powered solar boat for the Microtransat challege. I am equally interested in sailboat support!

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Welcome TTRobotix! Great that you joined.


I missed your post but that ardupilot solar boat looks really good. Feel free to ping me on the ardupilot gitter channel if you need help. I’m “rmackay9” there.