New app version of H16 Tools v1.9 (2.0)

Hi all,

today my H16 notified my of a new version of H16Tools , the main configuration app of the H16 transmitter. Self update is triggered when i enter into advanced options. New version is 1.9 and it says it added “options to adjust video data rate” (translated pop up from Mandarin), after self update.
I tried it and i found no options about data rate anywhere. Instead i found new options in the advanced menu, like “key tone” (on-off) and “Key lock mode”, which i don’t get what’s for (it has an “auto-lock” option for each of the A-F buttons).
New options simply don’t work: preference is not saved neither seems to change anything, for example key tone is always on, as usual, if you try to put it to OFF. I suspect that it need a corresponding FW upgrade to get fully functional but it’s still not there.

EDIT: a new 2.0 popped up right now, it says “Optimization of English version copyright” (?) i’m installing it right now.
after a quick look, i can understand that the log statement means they have rewrote some labels in a slightly better english rather than half mandarin half google translated ones. Last additions (key tone etc) remains not working