New APM - no pitch/roll attitude data?

I just recently purchased the APM 2.6, installed the latest software, and had things working well on the bench via the USB cable (including the HUD display pitch and roll). We set it aside and a week later I purchased the telemetry radios, installed them and all seemed to be working EXCEPT I no longer was receiving (or at least seeing) any change in pitch and roll in the HUD view. I went back to the USB cable and still don’t see any pitch or roll changes. It appears that I get the correct GPS data, the pressure altitude data, and the battery information as all of those seem to be reading correctly in the HUD. On the radio calibration page, you can see the transmitter stick inputs responding as expected as well. We tried all sorts of variations of resetting and reflashing the software on the APM, but the results are always the same - it appears to boot fine but no pitch or roll attitude.

Any idea what could have gone wrong? I’ve done a quick search on the forums but haven’t seen a similar issue.

It sounds like the 3.3vdc regulator on the APM pwb may have quit working.
Is your APM2.6 a genuine 3DR product or a clone?
If it is a genuine APM2.6, then contact customer service at 3DR right away.

Thanks for the help and yes, it is a new 3DR v2.6 APM, not a clone.

I’ll check with the 3DR folks and see what we can do.