New Andropilot 'even simpler' beta: 1.8.01

This is the first cut of the ‘even simpler’ UI. It may have a little more breakage than typical betas - so please be cautious - but I’d love any feedback. (please!)

It also adds support for multiple vehicles (just plug in more 3dr radios) - though this feature is not yet exposed in all views.

Next release will finish multi-vehicle support, beginnings of the Javascript vehicle control and a few UI tweaks.


  • Abort RC override if the user of the RC xmitter changes the flight mode switch (Luciano - would you mind confirming this works for you?)
  • First cut of new ‘even simpler’ UI
  • Misc improvements to the RC joysticks (I’ve been flying with only the tablet lately)
  • (Alpha) support for multiple vehicles (though not yet shown in most views) - No configuration needed, just attach multiple 3dr radios to a (POWERED) USB hub
  • Beginning of scripting support
  • The sidebar pane is now dockable - just use the menu to turn it on/off

As usual, if you want to join the beta (please, it helps us a lot). Join this G+ group using whatever account your phone is on. Then opt-in to the beta.

Flown and works, still can’t find my logbook page :wink: