New Andropilot beta - anyone here able to help with art?

Hi ya’ll, a new beta is up (thanks to Luciano and Gary for the good beta test reports). For the next release I’d like to add a few more icons, are any of ya’ll able to help with that? If so, please send me a note and we can work out what is needed.


  • Fix screen sleep problem reported by Luciano (thanks!)
  • The new simple UI is mostly finished - just some drawer stuff & art assets left
  • Info fields now float on top left of map view
  • Auto hide the sidebar once we are ready to fly

As usual, if you want to join the beta (please, it helps us a lot). Join this G+ group using whatever account your phone is on. Then opt-in to the beta.

Kevin, liking things more and more!

It was blowing somewhat during my test flight this afternoon and I was wondering if the winds aloft could not be factored in and a warning sound if its above a user set figure.

The reason for this, well if you know the platform starts taking rubbish images when the wind is above 20m/s then you could bin your flight.

Hi Gary,

That’s a great idea do you mind adding a bug at github so we don’t forget about it?

Ok done thanks Kevin