New android app for baiboats

New Androud app especially designed for bait boats

This group is for all who are interested in the newly developed bait boat app called Baitboat Autopilot. This app is specially developed for ardupilot platform (APM / Pixhawk). Years of experience with this autopilot platform shows that the “Tower” app that was often used until now is simply too cumbersome and difficult for users. The Tower app was also originally designed for camera drones and not for bait boats. That is why Berns Baitboats has taken the initiative to develop the most easy-to-use bait boat app in the world. For this we looked for a professional app developer who wanted to take on this challenge. Idea one was to modify Tower so that it could be used on a bait boat. After a short analysis by our developer it was decided to rebuild the new app of the “groud-up” because Tower is simply too old. Most of the code is based on platforms that are no longer supported in current, but also future android versions.

What are the main thoughts behind the app:
• to build the most easy to use bait boat app in the world
• this for three platforms:
o Berns Baitboats Autopilot V2
o Pixhawk
• the app must be “smart”, so it must automatically connect to autopilot itself, recognize which autopilot platform is used
• also things like dragging “home position” at the APM is desired
• “operating mode” can be operated via both tablet and handheld transmitter
• good folder structure for storing groups of waypoints per water or swim
• night mode for both map and UI
• latest Google map support with map tilt capability for 3d map view
• Simple Google maps download for offline use
• select icon for bait boat and waypoints. So let the icon match your own bait boat
• release in 10 languages
o English
o German
o French
o Italian
o Dutch
o Spanish
o Portuguese
o Polish
o Ukrainian
o Russian
• Voice support in 10 languages
• User interface is designed for both tablet and smartphone

What do we certainly not want? Add as many functionalities to this app as you can think of! This means that the app will only become more extensive and complicated and this is precisely what we want to prevent. All we want is:


more information at:

Diese Gruppe richtet sich an alle, die sich für die neu entwickelte Köderboot-App Baitboat Autopilot interessieren. Diese App wurde speziell für die Ardupilot-Plattform (APM / Pixhawk) entwickelt. Die jahrelange Erfahrung mit dieser Autopilot-Plattform hat uns gelehrt, dass die bisher häufig verwendete “Tower” -App für Benutzer einfach zu umständlich und schwierig ist. Die Tower-App wurde ursprünglich auch für Kameradrohnen und nicht für Köderboote entwickelt. Aus diesem Grund hat Berns Baitboats die Initiative ergriffen, um die benutzerfreundlichste Futterboot-App der Welt zu entwickeln. Dafür suchten wir einen professionellen App-Entwickler, der sich dieser Herausforderung stellen wollte. Die Idee war, Tower so zu modifizieren, dass