New Airspeed sensor (MS5525) for ArduPlane 3.8

I want to know what is causing the problem, the hardware or Arduplane firmware?

Hello @makeflyeasy, how do you setup/configure in MP (Mission Planner) to use dual airspeed sensor (how to configure dual id for them)? And how to choose the best of the like we use dual Gps, that we can choose only the correct/best…Tks…

Hello!I configured MS5525 in I2C 1, MS4525 in I2C 0, using a dual airspeed meter, MS5525 has a higher priority, this is just a backup.If the first priority airspeed meter is abnormal, the second airspeed meter can be activated and continue flying.I also have dual GPS and dual external compasses (IST8310 and HMC5883).Attached is my parameter configuration information.20200713.param (21.6 KB)

Hi, I stopped using airspeed very long time ago. MS5525 definitely doesnt work properly, whoever whatever they say. some producers wrote that has “superior” performance, etc. non of them true. i guess autopilot uses this as barometer or something, some really strange behavior. The best airspeed sensor is no airspeed sensor.

Hi Artem_Skorsy,
If you don’t use airspeed sensor at all, how the autopilot avoid the stall speed? I ask this question especially for the Quadplane case. We need real data from airspeed sensor to determine the limit of real “quad assist” speed, that is the speed that the quad motor still work to assist lift of the quadplane to avoid stall…
I understand GPS speed may do this job , but that is not real airspeed data. May I know, do you deal with quadplane or plane? I really need information from experience users, about this issue… That Quadplane is safe to fly without airspeed sensor… Is that true ??

The picture above is my flight data for today, and the ALTITUDE shown by the GPS is clearly different from the altitude of the barometer.My observations from the ground show that the height is significantly higher.

I also suspect the influence of the airspeed meter on the barometer, as I found in the introduction to MS4525.

Could you please send me an introduction?

@Artem_Skorsky are you flying rotor or fixed wing?

Could there be some airflow interference on your static port? The one on the fc baro.

I use MS4525 to install in the same position is normal, change to MS5525 is wrong, airspeed caused by the barometer height abnormality.

hi Tony, i dont have experience on Quadplane, but on plane without airspeed sensor works super fine

I am flying fixed wing

If you loiter when there is any significant wind, having no airspeed sensor will leave the plane going max throttle against the wind and then min throttle on the downwind side. This alone is enough to annoy me into using airspeed.

Indeed. They add a point of failure for sure but all my planes perform well with 4525 and even a Nano Talon flies very well on an MS5525 – but I do have to adjust the offset from time to time. They provide more protection against stalls if you like to cruise near the minimum speed as well.

set minimum ground speed, MIN_GNDSPD_CM,
i set it to 150 (1.5 m/s). so will not put full throttle against the wind. ( if you are not flying at crazy windy weather)

MS5525 airspeed sensor is no longer available. I wonder what causes the production to cease. It worked fine in my opinion. Had lower noise than 4525.

status: active and two thousand in stock at digikey…

Hmm, so the parts are available, but somehow mRobotics stopped making the board using it. That is strange.

See this post maybe? MS5525 vs MS4525 airspeed sensor noise - #15 by adcam

The issue was with a larger than normal number of RMAs of this sensor. It is more moisture sensitive than the MS4525 and without a well designed pitot static system it could be unreliable. We still make them as custom orders if requested. They work great if you can keep them dry.